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About Us

Online Lotty Tournament

Hello Users! Welcome to VaVa Money. Test your General knowledge with realtime competitors in the world and win Exciting prizes. To play our games, signup here. After Registration vavamoney provides you a coin wallet with sonas. You can Play our games using our sonas. We will be conducting Lotty Tournaments, scratch games, Cricket fantacy(coming soon) etc.,,

About Lotty

Join our Lotty tournament using the sonas in your wallet and enter the number of Lotty you want to attend. Each of the question will cost you a few sonas. You also have the option to buy sonas. Your winning accuracy will be high while you enter more number of Lotty in a tournament!

About Scratchs

You can earn free scratchs by joining the Lotty tournaments otherwise you can purchase using sonas, our game coins.

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