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This Game includes a Skill based Quiz Tournament to all the players and the winning by answering with the right answer confirms the participation of all players in the tournament All players from TamilNadu,Telungana,Orissa,Assam,Sikkim,Nagaland and Tamilnadu are not supposed to participate in any of the tournaments.The company will not be responsible for any legal charges on the players from these states All participants should be age of 18 and above to participate in any tournaments AS the Game involves an elements of financial risk and may be addictive All the participants are insisted to play responsibly and at their own risk All Players will be notified through the Website prior to their next login or via email when material changes are made. The new version of these Terms and Conditions will take effect immediately upon the next visit or login on the Website or as otherwise notified within the notification. The Website enables Players to a. Participate the results of official online lotty tournaments run by SONAS GAMING PRIVATE LIMITED b. to participate in Instant Win Games operated by

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